Multiple Case Types

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Single Lid Cases

Single Lid and FlangeMount Cases.With 295 standard COTS [Commercial Off-The-Shelf] sizes, Hardigg’s line of single-lid, rotomolded transport cases is the industry leader. We have a case to ship and protect virtually any industrial, commercial, scientific, or military equipment – computers, tools, electronics, demos, audio, medical, etc. Hardigg’s reusable single-lid cases are both lightweight and incredibly rugged, because we use the best polyethylene molding processes – and we engineer them ourselves. And for your panel-mounted gear, our line of FlangeMount™ cases will suit your transport needs perfectly.

We offer single-lid cases compliant with ATA and MIL-SPEC requirements for your shipping needs, and you can count on a Hardigg portable transport case to be lightweight yet heavy-duty, low-maintenance-cost units, and reusable for many years. Every element is designed to maximize reliability, strength, and protection.

FlangeMount Cases

These carrying cases are equipped with a molded-in shelf to support panel-mounted equipment, and threaded (1/4-20, UNC-2B, THD) inserts in the flange allow easy panel fastening. Options include an aluminum mounting panel as well as a hinged aluminum panel in the case lid. The cases have a tongue-in-groove parting line which seals tight to keep out humidity, sand, and chemicals.

FlangeMounts™ are available in 18 standard sizes, with either zinc-plated or stainless steel hardware.

Grab 'n Roll Case.Grab 'n Roll

Portable Travel Cases that Roll with the Times

Business people and technicians frequently travel or commute with valuable tools, instruments, and electronic equipment, and they need a portable case that's light, strong, stable, and easy to move, even with heavy gear or paperwork inside. Travel cases are relied upon to perform under the harshest conditions; Hardigg has designed a perfect solution - the Grab 'n Roll™ case.

As a mobile tool cabinet, instrument box, and protective container all in one, thisultra-durable wheeled carrying case offers maximum protection and portability for tools, laptops, small computer peripherals, test equipment, and heavy gear. Offering superb maneuverability and ergonomics, our travel case is perfect for use as check-on flight baggage, or any other form of transport where portability and durability are essential.

The Grab 'n Roll™ wheeled protective box satisfies MIL-STD-2073, and we can manufacture nearly any container to comply with numerous other MIL-SPECS.

The Grab 'n Roll™'s precision rotomolded polyethylene shell will stand up to the most extreme conditions, offering technicians, engineers, and business people the security of knowing their things will arrive intact. Our mobile tool cabinet means worry-free equipment transport!

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