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 Double-Entry rackmount transport cases.Hardigg’s line of Double-Entry rackmount transport cases is unsurpassed in the case industry. Our rotomolded shock mounted rack cases ensure maximum protection for shipping virtually any industrial, commercial, scientific, or military equipment and instruments. Hardigg’s reusable double-entry (also called double-lid) cases are lightweight and incredibly rugged, because Hardigg uses the best polyethylene molding processes – Hardigg engineers them..

For example, these Double-Entry rackmounted shipping containers include precision-engineered 2" long elastomeric shock mounts, individually fine-tuned to match the weight of your equipment. This means two inches of sway space enveloping the internal frame to ensure continuous cooling and maximum shock and vibration protection for your rack-mounted equipment.

The Versa-Rack 19" EIA internal frame is made of high-strength, lightweight, heat-treated aluminum, and provides a range of custom mounting options for communications or electronic instruments, computers, and other single components – or even multiple-unit systems.

Hardigg’s double-lid rackmount transit cases come in 10 standard COTS [Commercial Off-The-Shelf] U heights, most of which are available with an optional 1U rack-frame extension. (Each ‘U’ equals 1.75" in height, or 44.45mm.) For a complete list of dimensions, please refer to our rackmount case specifications page.

These Double-Entry cases are compliant with commercial and military performance testing and specifications. You can count on a Hardigg portable transport case to be dustproof, water-resistant, low-maintenance-cost, and reusable for many years. With our reusable cases’ superb design, durability, track record, and attention to design details, thousands of customers rely on Hardigg double-lid shipping cases for mobile workstation set-ups, communications and electronics equipment, medical instruments, and computers.

You’ve already invested thousands of dollars in your electronic, commercial, industrial, or military equipment. With Hardigg rackmount cases, you know you’ve bought the extraordinary protection these delicate instruments need – and deserve.

All Hardigg cases embody our commitment to utmost quality. What you can expect is: State-of-the-art polyethylene rotomolding, molded-in interlocking ribs for stacking strength, recessed hardware throughout; molded-in tongue-and-groove gasketed parting lines, positive anti-shear locks, and uniform, molded-in color. And there’s much more. Go to our features page for detailed descriptions of the numerous case qualities that constitute "The Hardigg Difference."

To best suit any commercial, industrial, scientific, or military application, Hardigg offers a wide range of rackmount case sizes and colors. The standard rackmount case color is gray, but we offer another 13 colors as well. To see what sizes are available, go to the rackmount case specifications page.

Hardigg offers a broad range of standard options for our rackmount shipping cases. These elements, described below, allow you to adapt our Double-Entry cases to a wide variety of transit applications.

    Airtight case system. This includes a PRV (pressure relief valve) and gasketing hardware to safely maintain correct pressure differential. Manual release button is recessed below cover rim. Test pressure range is +/- 0.25 PSID (18 mb).

    Bezel plate. Blank bezel plates in 16 gauge aluminum. Flanged for strength. Brushed black anodized finish. Available in 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U heights.

    Card holder. Metal holder for shipping-card riveted to the exterior of case. Two sizes: 2-3/8" x 5-3/8" (60 x 136 mm) and 4" x 6" (102 x 152 mm).

    Caster sets. Hardigg-engineered caster mounting system enhances the bottom panel strength of rack cases, while providing the same button release convenience of the FastClip mounting plate system found on Hardigg’s single-lid cases. These swivel style casters are Colson or equivalent brand, available in removable or fixed 3.5" or 5" wheel diameters. The caster set includes four casters, two machined aircraft aluminum extrusions, and mounting hardware installed on the case bottom.

    Caster store-in-lid system. Removable casters are securely stored in lid using Hardigg FastClip mounting plate system. For 5" (127 mm) lids only.

    Coupling catches. Elastomeric devices to couple vertically stacked containers to prevent accidental tip over.

    Drawers. 19" rackmountable drawers are 14" (356 mm) deep and key-lockable. Complete with drawer slides. Available in 2U, 3U, and 4U heights. [U = 1.75" (44.45 mm).]

    Foam cushioning. To transport non-rackmountable equipment, we custom-design protective foam linings and inserts. Hardigg cushioning systems are available in polyethylene (firmer) and polyurethane (softer) foams. Antistatic versions are also available. This option is a major element in equipping double-lid cases used to transport workstations.

    Frame option rack extension – 1/8" wider. Used when extra clearance is necessary, usually to accommodate slides. Requires slotted mounting holes in attaching bezel of equipment to be mounted.

    Handles – extra. These 90° stop metal handles are rated to sustain 150 lbs. of lift. Available in zinc-plate yellow-chromate or stainless steel.

    Humidity indicator. Indicates 20%, 30%, and 40% relative humidity ranges. Three-part face changes color when inside humidity exceeds the indicated level. As humidity decreases, the indicator resets for future use. Recommended for airtight cases only.

    ID plates. I.A.W. MIL-P-15024, Type H, Style IV, Size 10.4" x 4" x .020" (102 x 102 x 0.5 mm) thick aluminum, fastener attached to your case. Text font is News Gothic Bold.

    Keyboard tray. Accommodates standard size keyboard. 24" (610 mm) wide, 12" (305 mm) deep. Attaches to case front catches.

    Labels – front. To assure that lids are replaced in the proper orientation. A set of two "front" labels is affixed to the case, one on the midsection and one on the lid.

    Lid hangers. Used to store lids conveniently on side of case when case is open. A set of four hangers for two lids. This option comes at no extra charge.

    Lifting/tie-down rings. These welded rings provide hoisting and tie-down attachment points with 2" (51 mm) diameter clearance for hooks. They’re spring-loaded and pivot 180° . Available in plated steel or stainless steel.

    Locking cable/hasp. Allows the case to be padlocked shut. Cable is tamper-resistant aircraft steel. Order two per lid. [Padlock not included.]

    Panel screws (with plastic washers). Used for mounting rack units, drawers, and blank bezel plates. Set of 50; size is 10-32 x 7.5.

    Rack frame/shock-mount guidelines for extra-heavy loads. For rackmount cases with more than 170 lb. (77 Kg) of packaged equipment, sixteen elastomeric shock mounts are used instead of the standard eight. Vertical metal wall stiffeners are added to the case body to retain dimensional control of the two openings and ensure that the covers can easily go back on the case body and latch properly. Four delta lifting/tie-down rings are also installed to provide mechanical lift accessibility.

    Rack slides. These compact solid-bearing steel slides may be used to mount equipment directly into rack, or to mount drawers or shelves. Sold in pairs. Available in standard duty, 85 pound capacity.

    Shelves – fixed and sliding. Shelves can be removed and customized to accommodate non-rackmountable equipment.

    Stainless hardware. Recommended for applications where the standard zinc-plate or zinc alloy finishes are unsuitable, such as excessive saltwater or chemical environments.

    Stencil – epoxy or polyrollmark. Per MIL-I-43553. Available in black, white, and yellow, depending on the color of the case itself. One ink color per case.

    Storage pouches. Zippered pouch for storing cables and accessories in front or rear lids. Comes mounted in 5" lids. Three sizes: 10" x 22" x 2.5" (254 x 559 x 63 mm); 16" x 22" x 2.5" (406 x 559 x 63 mm); and 18" x 18" x 2.5" (457 x 457 x 63 mm).

    Support rails – bottom. Two each support rails used to support equipment while installing heavy loads.

    Support rails – side-adjustable. Two each 2" x 2" x 1/8" (51mm x 51mm x 3mm) aluminum-angle, vertically-adjustable support rails used to support equipment while installing heavy loads.

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